Trinity Sunday and Communion

June 7, 2020

***Virtual Communion ~ The Last Supper in Body and Spirit***
Holy Communion is the Act of Remembering the sacrifice that God made in the giving of His Son, Jesus Christ, for the sins of the world; yours and mine; once for all. Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me”. While we are not able to be physically together, we are together both in Spirit and virtually. As we sit before our electronic devices, we can know that the Holy Spirit is gathering us all together as a community of faith in this Act of Remembering. The Institution of the Lord’s Supper refers to Bread and Wine, and is the means by which the ‘Elements’ we use (rice crackers and grape juice) are set apart for the holy purpose of celebrating the Last Supper of Jesus Christ.
The Communion liturgy refers to Bread and Wine because this is what Jesus and His disciples had at their last meal together. Since then, the Church has employed many bread-like and wine-like substitutions for the bread and wine. Therefore; given our concerns for everyone’s wellbeing, we do not want anyone to make a special trip to the grocery store
to purchase bread and wine. Whatever bread-like (cracker, for example) and wine-like (juice, for example) product you have at home, which is special-to-you, will be fine.
The Institution of the Lord’s Supper will set these special-to-you products apart for the holy purpose of celebrating the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. Rather than being served the Elements, each of us will eat and drink, according to Laura’s leading and example, during the Communion portion of the worship service. Children are welcome and encouraged to participate.